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Alumni & Parent Program

Help put Moravian University on the map

Moravian Alumni & Parent Program (MAAPP)

The Moravian Alumni & Parent Program (MAAPP) is an opportunity for alumni and family members of current students to spread the word about Moravian University across the map!


Role Description

Program Overview

MAAPP is a partnership between the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement and the Undergraduate Admission Office. Alumni assistance in the Admission process is invaluable. There is no better representation of Moravian University than that of our proud alumni. We also believe that the families of our current students have a strong voice in the recruitment process, as they are living this experience with their students. 

How to Get Involved

There are many valuable ways in which alumni and families can get involved through the MAAPP Program. Please click on the role description linked above to find out how and what you can be involved in as a member!