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The University

Student 生活


Charges and Fees

教育al Programs

Academic Policies & Regulations

Awards, Honor Societies

Academic Departments/Programs

Directories, Calendar, Maps

Moravian University reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or restructure any courses, 项目, or degrees set forth in this catalog.

Unless otherwise specified, students follow the requirements in the catalog in effect when they first matriculate at Moravian (when they take their first class), not the catalog in effect at the time of inquiry, application, or acceptance to the University. Updates, revisions, and corrections to the catalog will be posted as necessary.

Moravian University encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its 项目 and activities. Anyone who anticipates needing any type of accommodation or who has questions about the physical access provided should contact 市场营销 and Communications at 610-861-1365 at least one week prior to visiting Moravian. 入学s visitors should contact 610-861-1320.